Morning Session A - SMPTE Global Inclusion Committee Update
Date & Time
Monday, December 13, 2021, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Sue Black Paul Gardiner Jordi Joan Gimenez Polly Hickling Renard Jenkins Amirhassan Nafez Yukihiro Nishida Andy Quested George Joblove Alicia Pritchett

SMPTE Global Inclusion Committee Update

Renard T. Jenkins, Sue Black, Nicki Fisher, Polly Hickling and Alicia Pritchett

  • In May 2020, the world collectively reacted to the murder of Mr. George Floyd Jr. Organizations began to recognize the need for change in regard to equity and inclusion, racial injustice, and the revelations associated with the “Me Too” movement. SMPTE, like many organizations, released a statement in support of change. However, SMPTE and the Hollywood Professional Association (HPA) believed that more could be done. These two industry organizations decided to band together not only to speak about change but to work toward effecting change while seeking to understand and create truly inclusive environments where all are welcomed.


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