Session 1: Introduction, Background, and "Covering the Needs of the Creatives"
Date & Time
Thursday, June 3, 2021, 9:00 AM - 10:55 AM
Hans Hoffmann Barbara Lange Bob Caniglia Corey Carbonara Michael Korpi Dylan Mathis David Long Steven Poster Dominic Glynn Aaron Thibault Dave Evans Tracy Caldwell Dyson (Ph.D.) Jill Bogdanowicz Corinne Bogdanowicz

9am: Welcome and Introductions from SMPTE, Baylor University, NASA, and our Title Sponsor, Blackmagic Design.

9:15am:  Background on color science with a focus on multi-primary technology.
Dr. David Long, RIT, will present a historical review of color science with a view of color representations of electronic imagery including multi-primary approaches.

9:45a.  Covering the needs of the Creatives
Our speakers will cover how color is important to the creative communities such as Cinema, Animation, Gaming, Visual Effects, Live TV, as well as in scientific endeavors, and the limitations of current color gamuts.

Use Case 1:  Cinema —Steven Poster  

Use Case 2:  Animation  - Dominic Glynn (Pixar)

Use Case 3:  Gaming and Visual Effects — Aaron Thibault 

Use Case 4:  Live TV —Dave Evans, Fox Sports SW (Bally Sports) 

Use Case 5:  NASA and Scientific  —Dr. Caldwell Dyson (Astronaut), Rodney and Dylan 

Use Case 6:  Color in Post — Corrine and Jill B.  

10:55 - Session ends