Session 1
Date & Time
Tuesday, October 5, 2021, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Brad Gilmer Andy Rayner Richard M Friedel Félix Poulin Jim Beahn Nik Kumar Roger Crothers Tony Cole Don Roberts Martin Walbum Gordon Castle Bob Caniglia

Welcome and Introductions  

Why we are here 

This short session sets the stage for the rest of the event.  We provide a quick overview of the days’ agenda, present “the arc of the story”, and highlight some things to be keeping an eye on as we move through the day.  This session begins the conversation, that will continue throughout the entire session, because that is what this is – an industry conversation about where we have got to, and where we are going on our journey towards an IP future.

 IP Facilities: The Big Picture

This session presents the “IP Facilities: The Big Picture” as an introduction to the topic of IP Facilities and infrastructure used for professional media applications.  It presents a global, generic view of IP media facilities, using a diagram that gives attendees a frame of reference as they think about the rest of the sessions in this event.  Attendees will also hear from a national broadcaster regarding the business drivers behind their conversion to IP.

The Stories (Panel) Discussions

‘The stories’ section takes a look at several of the largest IP production deployments to-date across various parts of the world – possibly the biggest global insight in one event!

In a dynamic and interactive conversation, we will explore some of the smooth, not quite so smooth and future aspirations of the technology with some of key people involved in making these solutions happen. All of this will be served with a dash of humour and a fair bit of fun!

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