Be Part of SMPTE+

A Series Blends Interactive Events and Curated On-Demand Content Library for Richer Experience and Deeper Discussion 

Prior to the event, SMPTE+ subscribers gain access to a curated content library designed to provide foundational knowledge and food for thought. Subscribers then meet for the SMPTE+ live event to discuss the content, hear live presentations, engage in Q&A with speakers and panelists, and socialize with people who share their interests.


“SMPTE + showcases the hottest media technology and the technologists who make it happen,” said Joel Welch, director of education at SMPTE. “The abundance of focused educational and informational resources, the depth of expertise represented, and the unique opportunities for interactivity make SMPTE+ unique. With extraordinary subject matter too, ‘Expanding the Color Universe: The Next Frontier in Imaging’ promises to get this new event series off to an amazing start.”   

SMPTE+ is free to SMPTE members